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Manually Migrating Outlook Contact Groups

After the migration from Microsoft Exchange to Gmail on June 4th, all mail Contacts from Outlook will have been migrated to your new Gmail mailbox. However, if you maintained contacts in lists in Outlook, the lists may not have migrated.

For a period of time, you will continue to be able open Outlook and retrieve/reference information from your old mailbox. This guide will show you how to export your large contact lists and import them into Gmail. If you only have several groups and they're relatively small, you can also simply go to Gmail, click Mail in the top left, click Contacts, click New Group..., name the group, and manually add your contact.

NOTE: This guide is not referring to Google Groups, which are email-enabled distribution groups managed by IT and department delegates. This guide refers to Contact Groups.

To export contact groups in Outlook and import them into Gmail:

Open Outlook with your old Microsoft Exchange account - if you used Outlook when Emerson was on Exchange and haven't made any changes to Outlook since, it will open your old mailbox normally. Note that after the migration on June 4th, your old Microsoft Exchange account will not receive or be able to send new messages, so ignore the Inbox.


Go to Contacts and highlight the Contact Group you need to migrate. Click File.


Click Save As.


In the Save as type: dropdown, select Text Only. Save the group with a unique name to your computer.


Open the text file you just saved in Microsoft Excel. You can either right-click, go to Open with and select Excel, or open Excel first and open the file.


Select the first 4 rows, right-click, and delete them.


Right-click the first row and select Insert. In the new row, type "Name" in the name column and "Email Address" in the email column (no quotes).


Click File > Save As, and in the Save as type: dropdown, select CSV (Comma delimited).


When asked if you want to keep using that format, click Yes.


Go back to Gmail. Click Mail > Contacts.


Click New Group.


Name your group - you most likely want it to be the same name as you used in Outlook.


Click More > Import.


Click Choose File, select your CSV file (NOT your txt file) and click Import.


The list will import into a newly created group called Imported [DATE]. We can either rename that group (under the More menu), or move these contacts into the newly named group we made a moment ago. To do this, click the dropdown with the 3 people.


Uncheck all groups except for the group you'd like these contacts to live in. To delete the IMPORTED [DATE] group, highlight it and click More.


Click Delete group.


Click OK.

Your contact group is now ready to use! To use it when composing an email, simply start typing the name of the Contact Group and select it from the suggestions.



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