Shared Mailboxes and Distribution Groups

A Shared Mailbox is an email address that multiple people can log into and manage. While the mailbox has its own password, users who have access to the shared mailbox will be able to log in using their personal credentials.

A Distribution Group is an email address that, when sent to, delivers the message to multiple recipient's inboxes. Distribution groups have no centralized location for mail, but managers of the group can reply to messages as the group’s email address rather than as themselves.

NOTE: Distribution Groups will continue to be created and managed centrally by IT, rather than allowing users to create their own at To modify recipients of a group you manage, IT will grant you access at Some distribution lists will have restrictions on who can and can't send to them - those who manage that level of access will be the only users of

If you managed a shared mailbox or distribution list in Exchange we have migrated your access. See below for how to access and manage them.

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Accessing Shared Mailboxes

Adding Someone To a Shared Mailbox

Send As Permission

Send To Distribution Group

Adding a Shared Calendar

Contact Delegation Permissions

Accessing Shared Mailboxes


If you have access to a shared mailbox, simply click on your user icon in the top right and you will see it there. Clicking on the email will open it in a new tab.

Adding Someone To a Shared Mailbox


If you know the password for a shared mailbox and want to add someone to it, first log in to the shared mailbox. Once logged in, open up settings and go to the Accounts tab.


Under accounts within Grant Access to Your Account choose Add another account.


This will open a popup. Type in the user's email address and click Next Step.


The popup will then ask for final approval. From here the user will receive an email where he/she just needs to select the Accept link.

Send As Permission

If you are apart of a distribution group and want "Send As" permission, please put in a ticket at

If you are apart of a shared mailbox and want "Send As" permission, log into your account and navigate to the same Accounts tab as above.

Within Send mail as click Add another email address.


This will open a small window. Add the name you wish to send as under Name and the email address below that. Then click Next Step.


Next, it will ask you to send a verification message to the send-as email address.  Whoever has access to that email just needs to click the accept link in the email and you will have send as access.


Now that you have the ability to send as a shared mailbox, to actually do so is very easy. When composing a new email, you will see a drop down box where you can choose to send as yourself or the shared mailbox.

Sending to a Distribution Group


Sending to a distribution group in Gmail is super simple! Just type the email of the group in the To field and Gmail will send it to every member of the group.

Adding a Shared Calendar

If you previously access to a shared calendar, it should appear automatically. However if not, follow these steps to add it.


To begin, navigate to your calendar.


On the left hand side, you will see a space under Other Calendars to type in a calendar to add.


If you have access to the calendar and can see the events, you are all set. However, if you can only see "Busy" for events, like above, you will need to be given access.


If you have the password for the shared mailbox, log into the mailbox and navigate to the calendar. Then in the drop down box next to the name of the calendar, click Calendar Settings.


Under the Share This Calendar tab, type in the person you want to add and choose the permissions you want to give them in the drop down menu to the right of their name. Don't forget to hit save!
Now Maurice can see the shared calendar.

Contact Delegation Permissions

The Google Learning Center has a great guide on delegating contacts. Learn more here.

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