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Accessing Emerson Services Overseas

Accessing Emerson Services Overseas

You may find that some Emerson services are unavailable in certain countries. There are known issues accessing Google Apps from certain countries, including China.

In these cases, Emerson recommends two options.

Using An Email Client - An email client can enable users to get around restrictions put in place by certain countries that prevent access to Gmail and Google Calendar. There is information about setting up an email client here.

Using a VPN - In other cases or to access other Google Apps, using a VPN service will enable users.

Some popular free/low cost VPN options are:

Set Up Email Forward - If you are currently able to access your email and worried about losing access while overseas, you can setup an email forward to a personal email address and then turn it off when you return from those areas.

Please see information on setting up an email forward here.

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