Accessing Emerson Services From Other Countries

You may find that some Emerson services (such as Gmail and other G Suite applications) are unavailable in certain regions of the world. In these cases, Emerson recommends several options.

Using Emerson's VPN

Emerson offers a VPN for all community members. International students are automatically granted "full tunnel" VPN access, which directs all of your network traffic through Emerson's Boston network. If you're an international student, no need to request full tunnel access - you already have it! Other users who need this for travel purposes can simply request it by emailing

Please note that some countries legally prohibit the use of VPN services, and in these circumstances, Emerson users must obey local law and not use this option.

Please also note that this option is for Emerson-related work only, as bandwidth is limited. Users found abusing this privilege may have their VPN access revoked.

Using An Email Client

If you are unable to connect to Emerson's Gmail via the web (, try an email client such as Thunderbird or Apple Mail. It could be that only the web mail service is unavailable, in which case a client would allow you to connect to email. Here is an article about setting up an email client.

Set Up Email Forward

If you are currently able to access your email and worried about losing access while overseas, you can setup an email forward to a personal email address and then turn it off when you return from those areas.

Here is information on setting up an email forward.

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