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Recommended Preliminary Settings

Gmail has a lot of settings that can be adjusted. These are some of our recommended preliminary settings, but feel free to check out everything you can change to tailor Gmail for your own needs!  Don't forget to hit save at the bottom!



Undo Send

Have you ever realized right as you hit "send" that you misspelled something or forgot to attach a file? Gmail's "Undo Send" setting gives users the chance to quickly cancel their email within 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds of hitting send.

Default Reply Behavior

This setting lets you choose whether your default reply method is "Reply" or "Reply All".


Conversation View

By default, Conversation View groups emails of the same subject together rather than show each individual response in your inbox. Some people will hate this view, others will love it.



Here you can type up a signature to add to the end of every email. If you are replying to an email, Gmail by default will put the signature at the very bottom of the message (underneath the message you are replying to). Most people want their signature to appear underneath exactly what they type. Select "Insert this signature box before quoted text in replies" to do this.



Enabling "Snippets" allows users to see the first line or so of an email within the inbox.

Vacation Responder

Going on vacation? Enjoy it, but make sure to set a vacation response first!
Here you can type up a message that you are out of the office, set the dates of your departure, and choose who receives your notice.


Labs are cool new features that Google is testing before rolling out to the main build of Gmail. You can find them under the "Labs" tab in settings. We recommend "Google Calendar Gadget" to get a preview of your calendar on that day displayed next to your inbox. We also recommend "Preview Pane" if you want a view similar to Outlook where you can view previews of each email in your inbox without having to open them.

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